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We are your Bear, Hog, Elk, Predators and Deer attractant headquarters. We manufacture the highest quality wildgame attractants in the industry. Our products are non-toxic and VERY powerful. You can mix the Boarmasters products with your choice of feed to flavor bigger quantities or use it as a stand alone attractant. The smell is extremely powerful and sweet and will travel for miles attracting hogs, bears, deer, foxes, coyotes and other wildlife. We also now offer Urines, and lures for other uses.

This site is dedicated to Bear, elk, deer, predators and hog hunting. Hunting wild boar, bear, deer, elk, predators and trapping is a challenging adventure. Here at Boarmasters we strive to give you the most complete and accurate information to help insure your hunt is safe and successful.

Along with the informational pages we offer a hunting forum with administrators to help answer any questions you may have. We also encourage all of you to send in your photos of your hunt so we can post them on the various picture pages.

Then there is the online store where you can purchase attractants and other gear to help harvest your bear or hog. Boarmasters also welcomes any suggestions on items or articles that you would like to see here, or changes to current articles.

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Are you new to baiting bears? Or struggling with success and want to advance your techniques? Bears are always adapting and learning about us and our techniques as much as we are learning about them. Click one of the links to know more about Boarmasters products & services

The Boarmasters

Our Team have hunted black bear using bear scents, baiting, spot and stalk and hounds for many many years. Come along and enjoy what we have learned.

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