NEW Spray  FLAVORS for Attracting and Baiting Bears 

Bears rely on their nose for 99% of their survival.  Some even say bears tell time with their nose.   

BoarMasters has been manufacturing bear attractants and bear scents for over 15 years.    As previous bear hunt outfitters, long time bear hunters, and Commercial scent manufactures its safe to say WE KNOW BEARS! 

The problem with commercial bear scents and attractants today are the rush to market.  Most companies are in to big of a hurry to add a new sku and launch a new product without proper testing.   Bears react differently to scents even when the smell is mouth watering.   All products must be thoroughly tested in various areas of  North America.  We have learned this is the key to offering a new bear scent that has a stamp of approval for any customer in the world.  

A little about our products.  

-A minimum of 2 years testing across eastern and western US and Canada 

-Scientifically developed non-evaporative formulas in our liquid and paste products 

-We use only pure products for our mixing.  We don’t use imitation products.   The key to fooling a bears nose is using high quality rich powerful natural products.  We DO NOT use perfume based products.   Perfume products do smell wonderful but the chemicals used to make them are actually some of those same chemicals used to deter pests and predators from your flow gardens and neighborhoods.  

-We do not use Prefume based chemicals in our products.  Our products are mixed manually one ingredient at a time.  Not built in a lab.  We mix and fill packages as needed to keep as fresh of product as possible.  

-All of our products are 100% safe for animals to consume and also safe for the enviroment. 

New Spray Flavors  

Carnivore Candy 


New Syrup Flavors 

Pourable edible syrup with an extremely powerful bear attracting scent lure formula. We use our FAMOUS bear feed additive ingredients to super charge this syrup with flavor, In fact its the same exact feed additive that built the company and still today is one of our top selling products! Baiting bears is tougher than it appears and we shorten that learning curve.

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